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Can Recalled CPAP Machines Cause Serious Lung Diseases?

 Posted on November 16, 2021 in CPAP and BiPAP Litigation

chicago CPAP injury lawyerDevices used to treat medical conditions are meant to improve people’s quality of life and help them avoid serious health issues. Unfortunately, these devices may be defective, potentially leading to injuries or illnesses. Millions of people in the United States may face this possibility because they have used CPAP machines that have been recalled due to the presence of harmful substances. Those who have used the recalled CPAP or BiPAP devices may experience multiple types of health concerns, including serious lung injuries.

Interstitial Lung Diseases That May Be Caused by Defective CPAPs

The recalled devices contained a type of foam that could break down over time, causing a person to breathe in microscopic particles and harmful chemicals. In addition to putting users at risk of different forms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the devices may also cause interstitial lung disease that affects the tissue inside the lungs that support the air sacs and pathways. Interstitial lung disease may include multiple different disorders, including:

  • Pulmonary sarcoidosis - Inflammation of lung tissue may cause small lumps of cells to form. These lumps are known as granulomas, and they can affect the function of the lungs, make it more difficult for a person to breathe, and lead to additional damage.

  • Pulmonary fibrosis - Scar tissue may form inside the lungs. When thick, stiff tissue forms around the air sacs, this can inhibit the lungs’ ability to process oxygen.

  • Pneumoconiosis - The inhalation of small particles can damage lung tissue, resulting in the loss of air sacs or blood vessels. It can also result in scarring that inhibits airflow or the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the bloodstream.

Interstitial lung disease can not only affect a person’s ability to breathe and process oxygen, but it can result in a number of other complications. A person may experience pulmonary hypertension, or high blood pressure in the lungs, restricting the flow of blood. When the heart has to work harder to pump blood through restricted arteries, this may result in right-sided heart failure. In serious cases, a person may experience lung failure, and they may be unable to breathe without the use of a ventilator, or they may require a lung transplant. Scarring of lung tissue also increases the risk of lung cancer.

Contact Our CPAP Recall Attorneys for Lung Disease

If you are concerned about the health risks you may face after using a recalled CPAP device, our lawyers can help you understand your options. We will work with you to determine whether a defective device may have caused lung injuries or other health conditions, and we will advise you on your options for taking legal action against the device’s manufacturer. To arrange a free consultation and get legal help with your case, contact our CPAP lung disease lawyers today.


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