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How Will the CPAP Recall Affect People With COVID-19 Infections?

 Posted on April 14, 2022 in Health Conditions

recall lawyerSleep apnea is an issue that affects millions of people throughout the United States. Those who struggle to breathe correctly while sleeping may encounter a variety of health issues related to this condition. For those who have been infected by COVID-19, the effects of sleep apnea may become even more serious, and they may lead to life-threatening issues for those with severe cases. The concerns related to sleep apnea demonstrate the importance of proper treatment for those who suffer from this condition. Unfortunately, the recall of defective CPAP machines and ventilators that is currently being performed by Philips Respironics may make it more difficult for some to receive the treatment they need.

Study Links Sleep Apnea to More Severe COVID-19 Outcomes

A recent medical study looked at the role that sleep apnea may play in COVID-19 infections. Researchers found that those who suffer from sleep apnea are no more likely to be infected than the average person. However, for those with severe infections, sleep apnea is more likely to lead to more serious problems, including higher rates of hospitalization and death.

One of the key issues that affects people with severe Covid infections is hypoxia or a lack of oxygen. Covid can restrict a person’s airways and affect their lungs’ ability to process oxygen, and a lack of sufficient oxygen can lead to damage to multiple bodily systems. This issue can be compounded by sleep apnea. Those who suffer from this condition will often struggle to breathe properly while sleeping, and they may also experience hypoxia. These limitations on a person’s ability to receive sufficient oxygen may lead to permanent damage to organs, and they may experience ongoing health issues, including cognitive impairment. In the most severe cases, the combination of COVID-19 and sleep apnea may lead to a person’s death.

These findings illustrate the importance of receiving proper therapy to address the effects of sleep apnea. CPAP and BiPAP devices often provide the best treatments for those who suffer from this condition, and they can help ensure that a person will be able to breathe properly while sleeping and avoid problems due to lack of oxygen. Unfortunately, the recall of CPAP devices has left many patients without the ability to receive the treatment they need. Those who need to continue using CPAP machines to prevent issues related to sleep apnea may be placed at risk of injuries or illnesses caused by toxic substances in recalled devices.

Contact Our CPAP Injury Attorneys

If you are a user of a CPAP machine that has been recalled, and you are concerned about how the lack of treatment may affect you or how untreated sleep apnea may play a role in COVID-19 infections, our CPAP recall lawyers can answer your questions. We can help you determine how to address issues related to recalled CPAP devices or whether you may be able to pursue compensation for injuries or health issues you have suffered. Contact us today to discuss your concerns in a free consultation.


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