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More Ventilator Devices Added to Philips Respironics Recall

 Posted on February 09, 2022 in Recalled Devices

CPAP Recall  injury attorneysPhilips Respironics, a medical device manufacturer, has released multiple different types of products used to provide breathing assistance or sleep apnea treatment, and these devices are used by medical facilities or in people’s homes. In June of 2021, the company initiated a massive recall of multiple types of devices, including CPAP and BiPAP machines and ventilators. This recall was done because the devices contained a polyester/polyurethane foam that has been found to degrade over time. When the foam breaks down, particles of the foam could be inhaled by a patient, and toxic chemicals may also be released that could endanger a person’s health. Recently, Philips recalled some additional ventilator devices for the same reason.

Recall of Trilogy Evo Ventilators

On December 12, 2021, Philips notified customers using its Trilogy Evo ventilators that the devices were being recalled, and the company sent an update on January 13, 2022 to provide additional safety information. These devices, which were not included in the June 2021 recall, had used the same foam as the other recalled devices. They were manufactured and distributed to customers in April and May of 2021.

Because the recalled ventilators may be used by patients to provide essential breathing support, it may not be feasible to stop using a device until a replacement can be obtained. This means that some patients may need to continue using these devices and putting themselves at risk. The recall notice stated that patients or caregivers should monitor a device’s bacteria filter and look for foam debris. The use of an additional in-line bacteria filter may also help prevent the inhalation of foam particles.

The recall of additional devices even after Philips has taken action to address dangerous CPAP machines and ventilators is troubling. If devices that contained harmful materials were manufactured and provided to patients after Philips was aware of the problem and had begun a recall, it is possible that additional dangerous devices could be discovered in the future. The company’s actions have put large numbers of people at risk of harm, and those who have been affected by this issue may be able to take legal action to recover compensation.

Contact Our CPAP Recall Attorneys

In its recall notice, Philips stated that the recalled devices may put people at risk of life-threatening injuries or permanent impairment. The inhalation of black debris and the exposure to volatile organic compounds may result in multiple types of health issues, including irritation of the lungs and respiratory system, chronic conditions such as asthma, damage to organs such as the liver and kidneys, and an increased risk of cancer. If you are a user of one of the recalled devices, our CPAP injury lawyers can help you determine your legal options for receiving compensation for the ways you have been affected.



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