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What Do Doctors Recommend for Patients Who Use Recalled CPAP Machines?

 Posted on March 07, 2022 in Recalled Devices

CPAP Injury AttorneyMany people throughout the United States who rely on CPAP machines to treat sleep apnea have had their lives disrupted by a major recall of these devices. In 2021, Philips Respironics recalled millions of these products, including Dreamstation CPAPs and other CPAP, BiPAP, and ventilator devices. The recalled devices contained a polyester/polyurethane foam that has been found to degrade throughout the months and years of daily use, potentially exposing people to toxic substances that could cause serious health issues

People who use devices that have been recalled may be wondering about their options. Since sleep apnea can be a serious issue that may affect a person’s overall health, stopping treatment could lead to a variety of problems. However, because there are millions of defective devices, replacements may not be available for some time. Philips is working to provide replacements, and the company expects this process to take a year or more. Other CPAP manufacturers are also struggling to meet demands and provide people with products that can offer the treatment they need. As CPAP users work to determine their options, they will want to understand the advice that doctors may give about how they can receive effective treatment for sleep apnea.

Treatment Options That May Be Recommended by Doctors

Since every person’s case is unique, there is no single correct answer for what a person should do if they are using a CPAP device that has been recalled. People should consult with their doctor to determine the approach they should take. Doctors may advise patients to take a number of different actions, including:

  • Stop using a recalled device - If a person suffers from mild or moderate obstructive sleep apnea, their doctor may recommend that they stop using their current CPAP, since the risks of doing so may be greater than the health problems associated with sleep apnea. Until a replacement device is available, a doctor may recommend other treatment options, such as an oral appliance, weight loss, or limiting alcohol use before going to sleep.

  • Purchase a new CPAP machine - For those who have the means to do so, new devices may be purchased from multiple sources. Some manufacturers provide “travel” CPAPs that can be easily transported and used while a person is away from home, and these may be a good treatment option. A doctor may be able to help a patient determine whether these or other types of devices may be available that will offer the proper treatment. However, CPAP machines can often cost hundreds of dollars, so those who have limited financial resources may be unable to obtain a replacement for a device that was recalled.

  • Continue using a recalled CPAP while taking safety precautions - When patients suffer from severe sleep apnea, a doctor may recommend that they continue treatment to ensure that they do not experience adverse effects to their health. In these situations, a doctor may provide advice on whether a person can take additional steps to protect their safety, such as using an inline bacteria filter or other methods that may help minimize exposure to harmful substances.

Contact Our CPAP Injury Lawyers

If you use a CPAP that has been recalled and are uncertain about how to proceed, it is important to speak to your doctor to determine your options. If you have suffered adverse health effects after using a recalled device, our CPAP injury attorneys can help you understand the legal options that may be available. We will work with you to determine the best steps you can take to hold the manufacturer of these devices responsible for the harm you and your family have suffered. 



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